Northfield Public Library

Project to reorganize and remodel an existing library consisting of an original 1910 Carnegie Library and a 1984 addition. We introduced a new Entry/Commons space that provides the spatial relief to be able to reorganize the rest of the library – with an emphasis on expanding the children’s area, providing greater digital access to the..

Northfield 2

We see libraries – and this project in particular – as a bit of a “time machine” creating a light. open addition that is of its time and place, to contrast with and re-framing the historical institution that established this library a century ago.

Artesia 1

The building also provides a the new home and refuge for a large pastoral mural by native son Peter Hurd – protégé of Andrew Wyeth – that was salvaged, restored and transported from Houston, Texas to to take up residence as a centerpiece of this new institution. The 25′ x 60′ mural presides over the reading..

Artesia Public Library

The new Artesia Central Library in Artesia, New Mexico replaces and nearly doubles in size the outdated facility that had been serving this city of 12,000 people for almost 50 years. RoehrSchmitt provided complete programming and schematic design services for the new building, negotiating a unique public/private collaboration between representatives of the private donors and..