Burnham Road House

a loft with a yard

Minneapolis, Minnesota
New Single Family Residence
2750 sf

The Burnham Road house has been designed as an efficient, modern residence for a young family of four looking to bring the best of their downtown loft – ample light, expansive views, clean lines, open plan, and low maintenance – down to earth and into a neighborhood with a garden and a yard for the kids. The house nestles into a challenging, hillside site that nevertheless has provided a unique opportunity to organize the space as a three story tower. Much of his quality is captured by placing all the living space on the second level – allowing for ample day lighting and panoramic views of the surrounding lakeside neighborhood and downtown skyline.



Burnham Road House roof deck



This primary living space features a soaring, folded ceiling, ebonized oak floor, rosewood paneling, and almost doubles in the warmer months by opening to an expansive roof deck. Bedrooms are on the main entry level, with a family room and guest suite on the lower level.